New tools and features on the 3Shape Trios

Posted on June 21, 2013 · Posted in News & Events

Below is a list of some new tools and features of the the 3Shape Trios.

  • Auto Lock Surface for Restorative Cases: to ensure higher accuracy between the emergence profile scan & scan body scan for Implant cases, pre -prep, and prep scans.
  • Snapshot Feature: Now you can take a snapshot of the screen! The image is automatically added to the order, which the lab will be able to see once the case is sent.
  • Youtube Video Player Feature: Selected training videos and more from 3Shape’s Youtube channel have been added to the 3Shape training centre. You can now get helpful video information on how to improve your TRIOS skills. The list of available videos will be extended in the coming months.
  • Full Range Scan Depth/Focal Point – 0-17mm! Use the dentition to guide you as you rest the scan wand directly on the teeth to capture your data, or hover over the teeth anywhere within the 0-17mm range! This scan dynamic and depth capture has been improved for faster. easier. better scanning capability.

Remember the direct benefit and value regarding the TRIOS is state of the art second generation digital impression technology. Not 6 year old or 11 year old technology like others on the market today. With it’s sophisticated look, advanced technology, ease of use, and it’s remarkable scan speed – TRIOS an exciting piece of technology in the CAD/CAM arena. Realize the potential and how much value this digital impression scanner holds with the open architecture of the system. . The 3Shape TRIOS provides complete motion and positioning freedom, with the new color pod configuration providing an unobtrusive addition to the surgery. Alternatively the cart version provides a large touch screen to show live visualization and real time data as you scan. You or your team member can easily scan, stop then continue on with your scan, edit scan data, or highlight and rescan areas rather than deleting and starting over when initial results show unwanted detail. This technology will increase productivity, streamline workflows, and make any dental team more efficient.